The blocker of the restless developer

As many (good) developers, I always have a pet project to learn something new. Sometimes they become a reality as 4arbitro or Ifcoop. But most of the time, they are forgotten code. Forgotten?

Some months ago, thinking about learning Vue and continue improving my Node.js level, I started developing ‘’: an artificial intelligence app which discovers all the elements of an image (initially images and video later).

As usual, the project starts to grow and the initial objective begins to be secondary, I start to see the project as if it were my son, I start thinking in its future: business plan, users, payment methods, …

This moment, at least for me, it is very difficult. “Maybe I can launch an MVP… Focus, the objective is to learn Vue”. But it is unstoppable. “Maybe I can launch a small Facebook Ads campaign to get some initial users… What? Focus. Vue”.

Of course, I have learned Vue, but in this situation, it will be difficult to continue. And of course, it is impossible to launch a good product in this way.

And you, have you ever felt this blocker? What do you do?